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About 20 years ago, Anastasios Anastopoulos took over his family’s olive press in Ancient Olympia, which dates back to 1914. His wife, Anastasia, received the first olive press in Archangelos, Rhodes, as a dowry. Two regions of Greece that love and respect the cultivation of the olive tree. Together with their three children, George, Vassilis and Nikos, they create and share their love for the most delicious products from the Peloponnese and the Dodecanese.

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The Olive

Taste and inspiration… a fruit with history, precious and unique like Greece, hiding an inexhaustible source of life through the centuries. Glorified and sacred, the olive is more than just a product. It is a sacred symbol that accompanies the history of the Greeks, that honours the winners of the Olympic Games and that in their hands becomes a taste that unites and celebrates the eternal love of the Greeks for their land. The story of the olive tree and the Anastopoulos family begins.

The Olive Mill

In the fertile soil of Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games were born, between mountains, plains and the sea with a unique microclimate, the Anastopoulos family cultivates more than 3,000 olive trees of the Koroneiki variety, which gives the most delicious and healthy oil! There is the Anastopoulos family’s olive press, where the most modern processing and standardization methods work in harmony with more traditional methods, such as the millstone, for the production of the excellent Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of High Quality.

The Store

In the premises of the first olive press in Archangelos of Rhodes, which was completely renovated in 2012, you will experience a unique shopping experience and initiation to the magic of the olive and its processing. In its premises you will find pieces from old olive mills as well as folk art items that celebrate the special characteristics of the place, its culture and tradition. Here you will find all kinds of extra virgin olive oil of Anastopoulos Estate and various other oil products. Let our people share the secrets of the olive tree with you.

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